6’ JBC Retractable Cone Bars

Linking cones with warning tape may be inexpensive, but it has nothing on cone bars. Using cone bars to create a barrier is more cost-effective, giving you years of use per bar. It’s also more effective in practice, providing a more stable, visible barrier between traffic and restricted areas.

Cone Bars Create Lightweight, Durable, Hi-Viz Barriers 

Pick up, extend, and drop. That's all it takes to prevent accidents, direct the flow of traffic, reserve parking, and so much more.


Made of commercial-grade ABS plastic for durability and strength.


Includes engineer-grade reflective sheeting for night time visibility.


Expands to create custom perimeters 3.3' to a full 6'



Available in Orange/White or Yellow/Black.






PRO TIP: Get the Benefit of Bars Today

Cone bars make an excellent barrier for one good reason – it’s fast! Move them around as conditions evolve to maintain control of the environment. Life is unpredictable; mark off hazards and direct traffic in a flash. 






PRO TIP: Find traffic cones, delineators, and accessories

You can link SONCO’s safety cones and delineator posts with cone bars. No matter what kind of perimeter you’re building, we have the essential equipment and accessories to ensure security success.






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